A Local Vision

“Make Santa Fe Yours” is our motto. Our vision… is to provide our clients with high quality websites that are well designed and that are available at an affordable cost. We want to help local small businesses establish their presence on the internet without the worry of overpaying for a poorly designed and underachieving website.

Typically the trade-off for a small budget website meant it was poorly developed and not given a lot of attention from the developer. Or a low budget website meant you had to develop it on your own. My Santa Fe Network would like to change this paradigm.

With the advancement of Content Management Systems and pre-built website themes having a small budget no longer means you have to have a bad website.

Our Beginning… Our Foundation

My Santa Fe Network was created by myself, Rob Yardman. For over ten years I’ve created web and digital media content and have worked primarily as a web developer for various companies and government institutions. During my time working as a developer I’ve realized not every customer has the high budget for an extensively developed website. Most clients just want a simple web presence that looks great and promotes the products and services they sell to their customer base.

How can I save you money? While working independently and with other companies I’ve been able to streamline the web creation process. I’ve also broken down functionality into a modular process so that if you require a certain functionality over another you don’t need to pay a huge cost to receive functions you don’t need.

My overall goal is to create a network of well designed websites for local Santa Fe area businesses that also maintain a cross promoting relationship and help clients feel excited about their web presence. For me, My Santa Fe Network facilitates that process.

We Want to Support You

We want to see your website be successful. In additional to the standards you read above, My Santa Fe Network is not only selling you a web presence, we’re promoting an ongoing relationship with you, our customer. We want to support your website and your web efforts throughout the life of your business. We understand that web strategies and technologies change and so should your website. All too often I run into websites that are stagnant and behind-the-times which can be detrimental to your business as well as your SEO rankings.

We Want You to Be Social

Exploit social media to the fullest! One of the best ways to promote your business and website is through social media. We also want to help you establish a social presence on the various popular networks like Facebook and Twitter. For some businesses that an overwhelming process and can be confusing. Do you just need a profile or a page or maybe a group? These are all questions we can help you answer.